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GFI Software arms SMB, MSP marketers with generative AI copilots

Managing content and collaboration activities in the SMB or for managed services providers (MSPs) with GFI Software‘s offerings is getting extra ammunition with a rollout of generative AI-based ‘copilot’ technology.

Eric Vaughan, chief executive at GFI Software and Jive CoPilot sister company IgniteTech, said in the summer announcement that the vendor plans to add copilots to its whole range.

“With Jive CoPilot, we showcased our dedication to integrating cutting-edge generative-AI technology. Now, we’ll embark on this transformative journey,” Vaughan said.

IgniteTech and GFI hoped that such a “generative-AI first” strategy should contribute to future software that’s smarter, more responsive, and more efficient, he said.

It’s expected that marketing and sales capabilities – including within partner organisations – will also benefit, beyond well known gen-AI applications for content creation, as consultants at McKinsey suggested in a recent essay by McKinsey’s Richelle Deveau, Sonia Joseph Griffin and Steve Reis.

“Generative AI promises to disrupt the way B2B and B2C players think about customer experience, productivity, and growth. There are many gen AI-specific use cases across the customer journey that can drive impact,” they wrote.

In sales, for instance, generative-AI or large language models (LLMs) can assist with dynamic audience targeting and segmentation “at the top of the funnel”, beyond traditional lead identification and targeting with web scraping and “simple prioritisation”.

Gen AI’s advanced algorithms can leverage patterns in customer and market data to segment and target relevant audiences for more tailored lead-activation campaigns, they wrote.

“Additionally, generative AI can optimise marketing strategies through A/B testing of various elements such as page layouts, ad copy, and SEO strategies, leveraging predictive analytics and data-driven recommendations to ensure maximum return on investment.”

These actions can continue through the customer journey, with generative AI automating lead-nurturing campaigns based on evolving customer patterns, according to McKinsey, right up to post-sales customer onboarding, training, support, and retention.

Early off the starting blocks was GFI KerioConnect CoPilot for business email, calendars and collaboration, offering automated summaries, instant translation into other languages, a writing assistant and the like – but it is expected that CoPilots for other GFI Software solutions – such as GFI Exinda Network Orchestrator – will be available soon.

( Photo by Emiliano Vittoriosi on Unsplash )

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