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Welcome to Weirdware.com - created to showcase the wonderfully unique solutions crafted by specialist software publishers to solve specific customer requirements.

Select from our handpicked showcase of more than 600 software brands. Discover out-of-the-ordinary software for your client application, based on market information - from case studies to release notes, investor analysis and more.

Weirdware is a colloquial term - often applied to software that's unusual and difficult to define. Weirdware vendors help solve business questions by offering something just a little different. Weirdware is software that fits, that isn't a 'make-do' or an 'also-ran'.

It's the right technology product, for the right application - at the right time.

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Weirdware.com is edited by Fleur Doidge,
who writes for a range of business and
technology websites in the UK and Australia.

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Fleur Doidge is editor of Weirdware.com