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Delinea integrates CIEM and ITDR with privilege control platform

Privileged access management (PAM) vendor Delinea has rolled further privilege control for cloud entitlements and identity threat protection into its cloud-native platform, following up its string of Q1 announcements.

Phil Calvin, chief product officer at Delinea, said in a statement that adding cloud infrastructure entitlement management (CIEM) and identity threat detection and response (ITDR) would help enterprises govern their IT using consistent policies, reducing the burden of vulnerability mitigation.

“(The CIEM and ITDR solutions) Privilege Control for Cloud Entitlements and Delinea Identity Threat Protection stem from Delinea’s acquisition of Authomize in January,” Calvin said.

According to the vendor announcement, integrating both CIEM and ITDR into the Delinea Platform can deepen insights across identity providers, cloud service providers, and traditional infrastructures, helping detect identity risks and deploying extra controls in the event of a compromise.

“Many vendors focus on securing identities through authentication. While important, it isn’t enough since 62% of all interactive intrusions involve the abuse of valid accounts,” the vendor said.

“Intelligently centralising authorisation allows customers to implement best-practice least privilege or zero trust to reduce the identity attack surface.”

The integrated CIEM would help deliver continuous discovery of entitlements across public clouds and identity providers, visibility of all identities and their access pathways in public multi-cloud infrastructures, it said.

Delinea Identity Threat Protection would assist the building of context in the cloud across the identity layer to discover and remediate threats in real-time. As part of the Delinea Platform, this would enable continual detection of misconfigurations and anomalous behaviours across federated and local identities, the vendor added.

In April Delinea also closed the acquisition of access governance and security process automation company Fastpath first announced in February.

“A leader in identity governance and administration (IGA) and identity access rights, Fastpath delivers cloud-based access orchestration solutions for audit and consultancy firms,” Delinea said in the related announcement.

“The integration of Fastpath into the Delinea Platform enhances our ability to offer a comprehensive centralised AI-driven authorisation security platform.”

( Photo by Iulia Mihailov on Unsplash )

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