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LiveAction NPM performance extended for Cisco unified server users

Network intelligence from vendor LiveAction has been certified to work with high performance Cisco servers, increasing availability of its packet data and incident response capabilities for Cisco customers.

Francine Geist, chief executive officer at US-headquartered LiveAction, said in the earlier announcement that LiveAction packet capture and forensics running on Cisco Unified Computing Systems (UCS) Servers for “next-gen network intelligence and observability on best-in-class hardware”.

According to LiveAction, this potentially enables customer organisations to improve datacentre storage densities. For instance, Cisco UCS server users could avail themselves of some three petabytes (PB) of storage in four rack units, it said.

It could enhance secure access service edge (SASE) or just security service edge (SSE) visibility for Cisco Catalyst software-defined wide area networking (SD-WAN,) and deliver new and bi-directional Splunk observability or workflows and SNA-LiveWire forensics, it said.

“LiveAction boasts four key technical differentiators that give UCS customers valuable packet data and incident response abilities,” the vendor added.

LiveAction network intelligence offering aim to deliver data-based insights that help organisations improve their decision-making, improving efficiencies and performance dependent on application data.

The vendor, with marketing company 1105 Media, has surveyed 250 IT workers on network performance monitoring (NPM) trends for 2024.

Slightly over half of respondents told the vendor they have integrated security with NPM, with about a third saying they were considering doing so.

NPM can help speed up maintenance and improve security and availability of networks and applications. Networks have grown more diverse, distributed and complex over the years, the vendor noted, with many teams still “highly reliant on manual processes and repetitive effort”.

Embracing and integrating AI capabilities and “a broader class of IT automation”, especially if it meant replacing a “patchwork of disparate tools”, could reduce operational overhead and complexity while improving performance, LiveAction said.

Read the related blog post on LiveAction’s website.

( Photo by ThisisEngineering RAEng on Unsplash )

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