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How remote connectivity can empower education – with RealVNC

Simplified classroom management, effective communication, and cost-effectiveness are desirable in education institutions from schools to universities, with digital solutions for distributed learning requiring support from remote access software.

Bogdan Bele, writing for remote connectivity application vendor RealVNC, noted that seamless integration with in-house school systems and IT can be important.

“A huge advantage was demonstrated during the pandemic; [remote connectivity] can ensure learning continuity in critical situations,” Bele said.

Applications like RealVNC Connect can help bridge the gap between “knowledge and accessibility”, he said.

For instance, RealVNC Connect offers multiplatform remote access and security for data and environments, whether students are working at a school computer or at home on their own, whether the platform is Windows, macOS, Linux, or mobile.

“We do not record your sessions, and data cannot be decrypted now or in the future,” Bele wrote. “Every connection is treated as though it is made in a hostile environment. The owner of the remote computer ultimately decides who can connect … RealVNC Connect is an ISO27001-certified solution.”

Additionally, learning journeys are influenced by individual needs, circumstances, and personality, with remote access technologies able to help accommodate diversity, he wrote here.

“For example, students facing visual impairments or neurotypical conditions can benefit from personalised learning experiences,” he said.

“With tools like RealVNC Connect, teachers are empowered to remotely access students’ devices, track their advancements, offer immediate support, and ensure that every student receives the necessary guidance.”

Traditional teaching methodologies are being challenged, and the need for innovative solutions for greater inclusivity and flexibility has never been more critical, according to RealVNC in a third blog post.

Customer stories

RealVNC customers in education include the University of Miami, USA, and St Anthony’s School, UK.

According to the published case study, the Florida university was able to reduce costs, improve employee and customer satisfaction and increase uptime post-RealVNC implementation in its oceanographic research vessels.

The faculty was able to decrease support call repeat rates, call handling time and on-site travel costs and identify problems, reducing downtime, as well as support engagement.

“Researchers can troubleshoot and maintain the systems from their laboratories, eliminating the need for personnel on each vessel,” it said. “The meteorology and physical oceanography department conducts research measuring hurricanes, climate, ocean modelling, clouds and meso-scale processes, and satellite remote sensing.”

At Chichester-based St Anthony’s School, RealVNC was used to reduce the cost of delivering the national curriculum while minimising lesson disruption and the need for extra support outside lessons.

“Many pupils have speech and language conditions, such as dyslexia and dyspraxia, and the school has a department dedicated to pupils with autistic spectrum disorder,” it said.

“Traditional techniques, like sitting in the front of the class, single out students and often undermine their confidence. St Anthony’s needed to find a cost-effective solution that would allow children to see the interactive whiteboard during lessons using their tablets from anywhere.”

With VNC Connect installed on a tablet, children can engage with the lesson alongside other classmates, even if they have mobility issues or difficulties with personal space. Only one licence was needed for each classroom, according to RealVNC.

( Photo by Sam Balye on Unsplash )

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