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SCORM compliance and why it matters for e-learning

Learning management systems (LMS) and e-training content that comply with the Shareable Content Object Reference Model (SCORM) help ensure consistency across corporate training programmes, e-learning software company iSpring has noted.

SCORM technical specifications enable e-learning course distribution as .zip packages, including standardisation for launching in the browser and directing learner navigation flows, according to iSpring, vendor of iSpring Suite and iSpring Learn LMS.

“Whether you’re a content creator or an L&D (learning and development) enthusiast, understanding SCORM compliance is fundamental to the success of your online training programmes,” Helen Colman, writing for iSpring, said.

Companies can develop and create content once for multiple platforms, without reformatting or rebuilds.

“SCORM compliance helps to make online learning more efficient and cost-effective, as it reduces the need for custom development for each platform. It also ensures that learners have a consistent experience and that their progress can be accurately tracked and reported,” Colman wrote.

LMS vendors often detail SCORM compliance on their websites or provide it in documentation or in the user manual. SCORM 1.2 is an older standard covering “basic” tracking and communication between learning content and the LMS, with SCORM 2004 also adding spec for sequencing and navigation as well as accessibility and mobile learning, she wrote.

SCORM e-learning content should follow the US government’s Advanced Distributed Learning (ADL) initiative guidelines and be contained within a .zip file, described in .xml, and communicated via JavaScript, she wrote.

“Check the packaging,” Colman added. “Inside the .zip file, you should look for an .xml file called imsmanifest.xml.”

Organisations should test this file in an LMS, looking for features such as progress tracking, scoring and bookmarking. SCORM validator tools are also available to analyse content and reveal issues with compliance, such as SCORM Cloud and SCOverseer, she said.

SCORM-compliant products include iSpring Learn, an LMS which streamlines and automates onboarding, training and certification for corporate employees, and PowerPoint add-on iSpring Suite iSpring Suite for turning .ppt presentations into online courses.

“There are actually three levels of SCORM support: SCORM conformant, SCORM compliant, and SCORM certified. The distinction lies in the number of computer-managed instruction (CMI) elements that an LMS supports,” Colman wrote.

SCORM-certified is the most stringent, followed by SCORM-conformant. SCORM-compliant is the most basic grading in terms of supported CMIs, enabling maximum repurposing potential across diverse use cases, she explained.

SCORM also can enable tracking of data, such as learner interactions with the content, assessment scores, completion status, and time spent on the content, for generating reports on learner performance for feedback.

Authoring tools and conversion software can help organisations repackage existing materials for SCORM compliance, Colman added, typically by organising the content into a specific file structure and adding metadata and communication protocols.”

Only half of respondents to an iSpring survey said their organisations consistently measure the effectiveness of their training programmes.

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