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UK provider CloudM boosts migration, backup, archiving and automation

Manchester based cloud software vendor CloudM has unveiled improvements across its cloud migration, back-up, and archiving offerings.

According to the company, Archive’s version 2.1 and Backup’s version 1.4 now offer an improved user experience when restoring items, while Migrate version 3.43 now also includes AWS support, a new file type for mail archive migrations and faster migration capabilities.

“The first release of the year sees small but mighty improvements to our entire product suite,” CloudM said in its announcement.

Backup users needing to restore just a few files, rather than an entire user or drive, can now restoring single Google Drive and Mail items from the CloudM Backup module with “just a few quick clicks”, it said.

“Within the same workflow you can also restore previous versions of a file. To further improve Backup and its feature set we’re working on folder restoration – keep an eye out for the announcement.”

Additionally, the Backup statistics dashboard now displays the total number of users and shared drives alongside the number of users or shared drives with assigned backup policies, delivering better visibility of which users and drives have appropriate back-up.

In a tweaked CloudM Archive 2.1, customers are now able to restore a user’s Mail, Drive and Chat items at one time, rather than following three separate steps.

The Restoration section has also been split into two to better separate partial and full restoration, while separate sections have been added for restoration status and archive status, CloudM said.

In Migrate 3.43, following the introduction of AWS as a storage option for Backup in a previous release, Amazon S3 Cloud Storage is now a supported source and destination.

“This means that you can move data to the cloud storage of your choice, be it Google Cloud, Azure or AWS. Those interested in or already using Backup are able to move data into AWS using Migrate and then use it in Backup without any external tooling,” the vendor said.

The next version of another offering, CloudM Automate, is due out very soon as well, it said.

CloudM, available through the channel, targets management and control of Microsoft 365 (M365) and Google Workspace data. It has been B Corp certified for standards including around governance and the environment.

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