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Three kinds of customer that benefit from remote access software

Do organisations today really need to safely access files and share screens regardless of location? In many cases, the answer can be ‘yes’ – as shown by the below three customer case studies from AnyDesk, a remote-access software vendor.

When a DIC Group packaging and graphic solutions firm, Sun Chemical, sought to connect its distributed global team, it chose AnyDesk’s remote desktop software to enable it to support the team wherever they are.

“If a technician has a problem anywhere in the world, IT at Sun Chemical can provide support via AnyDesk, even if they’re currently out and about,” Kai Neubauer, the company’s head of global IT client services for EMEA, says in the related case study.

Sun Chemical contributes to annual global sales of some $8.5 billion (£6.7bn) for DIC Group, with around 80 employees distributed on site in one of 60 or so countries that need to be supported, according to Neubauer.

Sun Chemical’s former supplier removed the integrated remote desktop tool from their package, so an alternative was needed. On-prem data security was essential, he said, so they chose AnyDesk Ultimate for lean remote maintenance even at low bandwidth.

“You need to use your own network so you can really make sure that the data and IP numbers aren’t being logged anywhere. We wanted the remote maintenance servers to be placed safely in our own computer centre,” Neubauer says.

And when a consultancy with subsidiaries in 40 countries, Stefanini IT Solutions, needed to support a federal court in the second region of Brazil, covering the states of Rio de Janeiro and Espírito Santo, it too turned to AnyDesk for fast, secure, on-prem remote support.

Jefferson Oliveira Torres, operations manager at Stefanini, says: “The ease of accessing the users’ devices remotely and guiding them on how to receive that remote access is a high point for us.

“Users at the Federal Regional Court felt very comfortable with AnyDesk due to its ease of use and its interface, which is more user-friendly than other solutions.”

Freelancers on the move, who work mostly on their own, can also benefit from secure remote access — such as Deniz Saylan, a Germany-based photographer and film-maker based in Berlin and Stuttgart who spends some 200 days of every year travelling for photo shoots.

“One clear advantage is that I don’t have to download all the files from a server if I want to look at them. Once I find the right image, I convert it to a jpg file and can pull it onto my laptop via data transfer,” Saylan says.

Saylan has over 40TB in storage that need to be kept safe yet remain accessible – with many cloud and VPN solutions not suitable for his requirements due to the need for sufficient space and the ability to select and download individual files wherever he is.

“Saylan can work smoothly on the remote computer thanks to AnyDesk’s low latency and high frame rates,” according to the case study.

“Retouching images can even be carried out remotely without the need for the appropriate software to be installed on the device. His high-end computer remains at a safe place in the office.”

( Image by PublicDomainPictures from Pixabay )

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