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Secudos updates Qiata for secure and compliant file exchange

Secure file transfer specialist Secudos has rolled out further updates to its Qiata platform, upgrading secure file management capabilities.

According to release notes from the vendor, the latest enhancements will boost compliance capacity further for users.

“The new versions are now available in our download area (or via the internal update process) and in our repository,” it said. “This provides companies with a tool for the secure and regulated collaboration of internal and external participants in projects.”

The vendor states via its website that the product portfolio “stands for IT security ‘Made in Germany'”, including multifunctional edge application Qiata and the in-house operating system DOMOS.

Secudos added that the MultiAppliance Centre means a company‚Äôs own network can be easily set up, with the service offering targetsing “globally available” logistics services and professional support.

Files and documents of any size can be transferred via the Secudos file exchange platform, which complies with the Germany equivalent of the general data protection regulation (GDPR) — Datenschutz-Grundverordnung (DSGVO).

With a compliant solution that’s secure and encrypted, with documentation of file transfers, like Secudos, it is possible to define in advance exactly who may have access to the information, according to the vendor.

“This is extremely relevant across all sectors, because highly sensitive data such as names, addresses, dates of birth, et cetera, are processed and stored every day and should not be accessible to everyone.”

( Photo by Tim van der Kuip on Unsplash )

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