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Threema adds to business-grade secure messaging for iOS, Android and Desktop

Secure business messaging from Threema now benefits from new updates and features for Android and iOS platforms, following on from an earlier Threema for Desktop release.

“Group calls become available across the board, unleashing their full potential and allowing all Threema users to conduct end-to-end encrypted voice and video calls in group chats,” according to the Threema team in a web update.

“After Threema for Android introduced end-to-end encrypted calls with up to 16 participants some time ago, Threema for iOS now follows suit, unleashing the full potential of group calls for all users.”

The vendor said that exchange of short messages is what defines an instant messenger, yet text-based messages aren’t sufficient as a solution – let alone voice recordings or video messaging – versus a face-to-face conversation.

“Calls, on the other hand, have the advantage of taking place in real time, and video calls in particular come about as close to a real-life conversation as it gets,” Threema said.

At the same time, video calls by nature include personally identifiable information, yet “rigorous” data protection is often lacking.

“The potential for misuse is considerable in this day and age of voice recognition, facial recognition and AI,” the vendor added. “Secure messaging is indispensable for companies.”

All communication in Threema, including group calls, comes with end-to-end encryption, it said. The Switzerland-based company prides itself on what it calls “true” encryption for business messaging security.

The vendor unveiled Threema for Android v5.1.4 on 26 October, following up with v5.6.2 for iOS on 13 November. The previous month saw four other updates including v1.2.39 of Threema for Desktop.

Threema for Android v5.1.4 rolled out various logging improvements and Threema for Desktop 1.2.39 multiple minor improvements alongside bug fixes, the vendor said.

The Threema 5.6.2 for iOS release incorporated improvements in relation to group calls and improved performance when sending messages, alongside several other improvements, according to Threema.

( Photo by Sara Kurfeß on Unsplash )

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