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How Zynex is taking control of code in the cloud with JetBrains Qodana

When a heathcare sector focused tech provider wanted to ensure quality and security in their patient monitoring platform, the firm turned to Qodana – a code quality analysis platform from JetBrains.

Zynex Monitoring Solutions is a US-based vendor of a device and software solution that helps, for instance, medical teams to monitor the fluid levels of hospital patients. The company adopted Qodana to manage code quality across its various .NET applications, according to Maarten Balliauw, writing for JetBrains.

“Qodana is a platform that brings all of the inspections from JetBrains IDEs to the CI/CD pipeline, to help manage code quality,” he says.

The JetBrains customer case study also quotes Zynex software architect Daniel Larson, who explains that the monitoring solution cloud services mostly use .NET 7 and 8 running on Linux containers, written mostly in C#.

Larson says that getting started with Qodana was “super-easy”, with the Qodana Cloud web app simply added to GitHub workflows. Now Qodana is used to verify the code base in the GitHub Actions workflow and address any issues found, alongside Sonarqube known-vulnerability and code complexity monitoring.

“We were able to adopt Qodana as we created our repositories, and we quickly switched to resolving all issues and setting a zero tolerance policy, keeping our code super clean,” Larson says.

“We know that using JetBrains tools makes our work better without adding any hassle, and that has proved to be the case with Qodana. We’re using Qodana for all our .NET applications now.”

He adds that Qodana can be used from the start of projects and recommends the strictest code analysis rules, integrating into GitHub, and using a fail threshold of ‘0’ so any violations will block the build, facilitating clean-up.

“We also want to stress the importance of code annotations,” he says. “Annotate the intentions of your code to other developers when writing public libraries, and to tools like ReSharper, JetBrains Rider and Qodana to provide even more relevant code analysis.”

Zynex develops with Visual Studio alongside JetBrains ReSharper, and some developers using JetBrains Rider IDE. Continuous integration and deployment primarily uses GitHub Actions, he says.

Ultimately Zynex expects to integrate its devices and solutions with more customers, scaling systems out even to external partners and systems and developing custom services faster, he adds.

“Our production workload uses a modern cloud stack running on Kubernetes that hosts our applications and services, combined with NoSQL for data storage, with a mix of cloud-native messaging,” Larson says. “We continually look for new cloud technologies to solve our needs, including data science and AI.”

( Photo by ThisisEngineering RAEng on Unsplash )

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