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Atera RMM integrates with Azure OpenAI in bid to leapfrog rivals

Remote monitoring and management (RMM) platform vendor Atera is going beyond adding AI assistance for users, inking a deal with Microsoft to integrate its platform with Azure OpenAI.

In the partnership, announced in July, the Atera platform is being “fused” with Microsoft Azure OpenAI.

“No industry will be left unchanged [by AI], ours included,” the Atera team said, in a related post. ” AI adoption is a matter of when and not if, with early adopters gaining an edge.”

Because not many tools have yet been built with AI integration, Atera hopes to gain an advantage over its competition, offering faster onboarding and less of a learning curve for users, according to Atera.

AI-enabled RMM can enhance accuracy, task management, big data capabilities, and system evolution with “far-reaching” implications for various industries and roles, according to the Israel-based vendor.

For instance, consultancy Morgan Stanley has been reported as estimating AI will have a $4.1 trillion (£3.3trn) impact on the global labour market alone within three years, it added.

“Because of the huge boost in efficiency and productivity it offers ‌users, AI is going to completely change the way we work—but if we leverage it the right way, use it to do things more intelligently and efficiently and accurately, everyone will benefit,” the Atera team said.

Atera’s partnership with Microsoft meant Atera is incorporating additional AI capabilities into its all-in-one RMM and professional services automation (PSA) platform. Ultimately, a new category of AI-powered IT is set to emerge, according to the vendor.

It’s part of a long-term plan by Atera, the company said, as it created an all-in-one framework for its platform, enabling collection of some 60,000 data points per second and use of proprietary algorithms.

Expected benefits for user organisations include better predictability of IT problems and improved prevention including faster resolution of problems, it said.

AI-powered IT can resolve IT issues, automate IT processes, and mean many more tickets can be completed by a given technician. For instance, AI can summarise tickets, reducing the need for technicians to have long conversations with users to work out how to fix an issue, the vendor said.

IT professionals can get started on Atera “within minutes”, it said.

AI has the potential to change how users interact with applications, including increasing the ability to automate, customise and personalise applications and websites based on user behaviour and preferences, Atera said.

( Photo by Nicolas Hoizey on Unsplash )

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