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Miro tops off latest version updates with Miro Assist in beta

Online whiteboarding and visual workspace vendor Miro has been rolling out a slew of new features to boost the creative capabilities of distributed teams.

“Miro announces new features to support the full spectrum of innovation and help users go from idea to execution,” the vendor’s team wrote in a blog update.

For instance, the beta release of its Miro Assist co-pilot is aimed at helping users of Miro online whiteboarding to develop their thought through better visualisation of what’s going on with tasks, projects or collaborations.

The Miro Assist co-pilot is expected to help users at each stage of the innovation process, “alleviating everyday heavy lifting” across product and service development, according to Miro chief operating officer Varun Parmar.

“Work happens across distributed teams and within silos. We continue on our mission to radically simplify the end-to-end innovation process for our customers, offering better ways to communicate, plan and execute,” he said in the update.

With Miro Assist, users can more easily uncover the most valuable insights from research, team retrospectives, or brainstorming sessions, the post suggested, as well as more quickly generating outputs such as presentation drafts and “next-steps” action lists.

The co-pilot‘s iterative chat-like module can be integrated into a Miro board to answer questions and generate new content in chat formats or visual formats such as sticky notes, presentations or images, the vendor said.

“Users can quickly build a sequence diagram and map out an entire process by simply describing it in a sentence.”

Other new tools and integrations for the Miro platform include deeper integration with Azure devops production, an integration with Draw.io, an open-source diagram creation tool, and cloud shape pack extensions for Google Cloud, Azure and AWS.

According to Miro, innovating can be easier if employees and leaders can collaborate on projects including strategy, planning, and product development, while better team “alignment” can help reduce biases and error, for instance when working with surveys.

Miro currently boasts some 60 million users worldwide.

( Photo by Firmbee.com on Unsplash )

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