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LiveAction upgrades network visibility and performance for LiveWire packet analysis

Network performance monitoring (NPM) solution vendor LiveAction has boosted the packet forensics and network traffic visibility capabilities of its LiveWire product family in its latest release.

John Smith, founder at LiveAction, said network traffic has been increasing, making managing it harder for security and network operations (SecOps and NetOps) teams.

“Network professionals are dealing with a massive up-tick in network traffic and yet often their packet analysis capabilities can’t keep up with the sheer volume,” Smith said in the announcement.

“This ultimately leads to degradations, outages and security incidents. The new generation of LiveWire appliances will help them accommodate this new reality by upgrading their capacity by as much as 600%.”

Organisations with the upgraded LiveWire packet analysis capabilities, including real-time, lossless compression and better underlying hardware in the LiveWire Core and PowerCore appliances, would be able to do more, see more and know more, the announcement said.

This would enhance the ability to manage infrastructure while ensuring performance and compliance for less cost and complexity, it said.

If operations teams can store more packet information, they can record more network traffic details at a lower price point and smaller datacentre footprint, it said.

“Network teams need that data in order to solve network issues and restore performance in real time and understand deeper network problems.

“In the meantime, security teams need that data to find and stop breaches in their tracks. Yet both are often hobbled by their inability to retain that packet data,” according to the LiveAction announcement.

( Photo by Arlington Research on Unsplash )

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