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RealVNC remote-access highlighted by six finalists for Raspberry Pi prize

RealVNC, maker of RealVNC Connect, has named six finalists for this year’s RealVNC Raspberry Pi Prize with winner and runners-up to be revealed on 6 November.

“The selection process has not been easy, as the calibre of the entries received was outstanding,” the vendor said, announcing the finalists.

“The creativity and ingenuity on display has been truly impressive, and, as you can see from the list of finalists, we received entries from all over the world.”

Finalists for this year’s prize hail from the UK, USA, Japan, Germany and Israel.

Solutions range from Debian-based boat operation and navigation system for the low-cost Raspberry Pi computer from a US-based entrant – with RealVNC Connect installed by default – to the UK’s Bubo-2T the 3D printed steampunk owl with cameras in its eyes that can detect hand signals.

“When it identifies the right signal, Bubo takes picture and posts the image on its Twitter/X and Instagram accounts. The operator can control Bubo, and see the images it takes, using a wrist mounted device, connected via RealVNC Connect,” said RealVNC.

Remote device access with RealVNC’s flagship remote-access application is secured via authentication to VNC Server, an app installed as part of VNC Connect on every remote computer.

“Each finalist and their solutions will be profiled in more detail on the RealVNC blog in the next six weeks before the winner and runners up are revealed on 6 November,” the vendor said.

Other finalist solutions include conveyor belt monitoring via real-time visual data powered by Raspberry Pi, with RealVNC Connect enabling operators to work the machines remotely, in a cleaner environment – the entry from Germany.

The team from Japan ctreated a robotic Raspberry Pi-powered ‘grabber’ for objects, intended for healthcare applications, again remotely operated via RealVNC Connect.

Archie the Modular Companion Robot, the other UK-based finalist, uses Raspberry Pi computing with RealVNC Connect to allow the robot’s head to communicate with the microcontrollers in its torso. The device can detect people, talk, follow sound and incorporates facial recognition.

And hailing from Israel is Guitarobot, a guitar that plays automatically via a camera that enables it to ‘read’ sheet music – again, powered by Raspberry Pi using RealVNC Connect.

( Photo by Harrison Broadbent on Unsplash )

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