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ManU partner TeamViewer recognised as remote-connectivity Microsoft partner of 2023

Global remote connectivity software provider TeamViewer has been awarded the 2023 Microsoft Accelerate Empowerment Partner prize, for its integration of TeamViewer Tensor with Microsoft’s popular Teams e-meeting software.

Alfredo Patron, executive vice president of strategic alliances at Germany-headquartered TeamViewer, said the integration with Teams increases “seamless” remote access for organisations, also easing the path to augmented reality (AR) functionality for frontline workers in sectors such as logistics or warehousing.

“This becomes relevant especially in scenarios beyond traditional office applications, enabling more people to collaborate digitally,” Patron said in an announcement.

The awards target partners that Microsoft feels have developed and delivering outstanding Microsoft-based solutions during the previous year. The field under consideration included nominations from some 100 countries, the vendor said.

TeamViewer, listed on the Frankfurt bourse, develops and sells connectivity-focused software, including platforms to remotely access, control, manage, monitor, and repair devices from laptops and mobile phones to industrial machines, cobots and robots.

TeamViewer has also helped secure data and digital asset access for customers such as the UK’s Manchester United football team.

For ManU, “quick, reliable and secure” transfer of digital assets with enterprise-grade offering TeamViewer Tensor helps them ensure they are well prepared for every game, according to TeamViewer.

“With so much to consider and prepare before a match, we need quick, reliable and secure access to the right training materials and videos. Easy access to our full suite of training materials when we’re travelling gives us more time to focus on strategy for the match,” said Paul Brand, head of first-team analysis at the football club.

Peter Turner, chief commercial officer at TeamViewer, said Tensor enables communciations where “seconds matter” and an “intuitive interface” is paramount.

“Our enterprise remote connectivity platformTensor provides ManU analysts and coaches with the certainty and performance that is mandatory,” Turner said. “They leverage technology to help each player perform at their best.”

ManU analysts and coaches use previous match data, for instance, to analyse videos of players’ ball contacts, running distances, strategy, position play, duels and the like.

Being able to more easily access and share large files like raw videos and data assets on the road can save time, including easing the need to upload or store files at different locations or on external drives, according to TeamViewer.

( Photo by Nat Callaghan on Unsplash )

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