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ShareGate software to increasingly reflect employee experience focus

Microsoft 365 (M365) migration tool ShareGate – as part of rebranded GSoft’s expanding family of workplace productivity offerings – is set to reemphasise customer employee experience (EX).

Simon De Baene, chief executive officer at Gsoft, rebranded as Workleap, said the renamed group will increase efforts to develop its solutions in ways that empower workplace teams to perform “at their best”.

“Workleap is … a new name for GSoft. It’s the result of building best-in-class EX tools for the better part of two decades and realising that they should all work together,” De Baene said in a blog post announcing the rebrand.

He said that EX is often depicted as an “oversimplified linear journey” that didn’t reflect an “ever-evolving” and “chaotic” reality as new needs arise.

“Workleap [as a company] may not work miracles, but it sure will bring clarity,” De Baene said. “It’ll help companies build EX foundations at their own pace and with the right tools.”

GSoft decided to build ShareGate as the first product of its own in 2009, he said.

Since then it added OfficeVibe, SoftStart, TalentScope, Didacte, and dropped the services portion of the business to focus on building, iterating and improving its own offerings.

“With the onset of the pandemic and the rise of hybrid work, the world of work needed a software update. ShareGate helped companies achieve more with their M365 ecosystem,” he said.

“OfficeVibe kept a pulse on their people.”

As Workleap, the CEO expects the former Gsoft company to be able to work as a more unified front, allowing it to focus on building better solutions in a “more streamlined” way, he added.

ShareGate is an M365 tool for managing applications like Microsoft Teams or SharePoint as well as major M365 migrations, tackling reporting, automation, permissions, provisioning and admin aspects.

The idea is to reduce IT admin burdens via flexible provisioning templates and automation features so end users can adapt their M365 resources to suit while keeping “guardrails” in place, according to the vendor.

*This article was corrected on 15 August 2023 on advice via Workleap that the ShareGate offering itself is yet to be rebranded. Any Workleap rebrand of ShareGate will happen at a later date.*

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