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JetBrains developers unveil GitLab support among latest updates

Developer tooling vendor JetBrains now supports GitLab for its integrated development environments (IDEs), answering popular demand among its user community.

Dmitriy Smirnov, writing for JetBrains, said that GitLab is one of the most popular git-based platforms for software development and deployment.

“While all basic git operations have been possible with GitLab for a long time already, integration with GitLab is one of the most popular requests,” he added.

JetBrains believes that GitLab integration benefits many different aspects of a developer’s work – from help with basic operations and navigation, to reviewing code, configuring CI pipelines, and building and deploying apps, he said.

“Therefore, given that one of the most important tasks is reading, navigating, and writing code, we decided to start with proper review support within the IDE,” Smirnov said.

Developers can now carry out code review without leaving the JetBrains IDE.

This may include configuring the GitLab account for git operations and other interactions with GitLab, browsing, filtering, and searching through merge requests in a project as well as reviewing them in detail, comment on the code right from the IDE, request changes or perform merges without using a browser, and much more.

Smirnov said other useful things include navigational actions such as an ability to copy the links to specific files and lines of codes on GitLab for colleague discussion, and an ability to navigate directly to the web.

“In future releases we plan to work on features to support CI pipeline configuration and troubleshooting,” Smirnov added.

JetBrains also updated the DataLore Enterprise Jupyter data science environment to 2023.3 on 1 August with HashiCorp Vault authentication, while late July saw JetBrains roll out new versions of ReSharper, Rider, IntelliJ IDEA, and a Scala plugin for IntelliJ.

It also launched Qodana, a code quality platform for CI tools that’s compatible with GitLab, Azure Pipelines and more.

( Photo by Arif Riyanto on Unsplash )

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