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Rise in ‘technostress’ sees TeamViewer expand worldwide

Businesses of all sizes are suffering from a rising tide of IT-related demands or ‘technostress’ – from security and information breaches to asset management, network optimisation and beyond.

According to remote connectivity experts at TeamViewer, mass inefficiencies coupled with increased cost and resources mean higher pressures on workers at all levels of the organisation.

“Software bloat takes place when you are using multiple applications of the same functions and process bloat is the adherence to unnecessary ways of working,” the company explained in a blog post.

“Both can severely slow your business down as well as result in a laundry list of problems such as increased costs, reduced security, and less productivity.”

According to TeamViewer, better remote connectivity implementations that are unified can streamline operations and improve productivity while helping manage assets better.

Tackling these issues by reviewing and optimising applications and processes to control costs and inefficiencies can go hand-in-hand with lower overall ‘technostress’ and staff churn, the vendor pointed out.

TeamViewer, the maker of enterprise remote connectivity solution Tensor, has recently unveiled a new remote user interface with single-sign on, coupling greater security and connectivity with integrateable asset and patch management and endpoint connection.

Many applications force users to choose between security and convenience, the vendor pointed out.

“We don’t believe you should have to sacrifice convenience for security. That’s why TeamViewer Remote was built according to the philosophy of secure by design,” it said.

In other news, the company has opened a new office Mumbai, expanding operations in the huge India market. TeamViewer said it plans to expand its local workforce 30% this year, reflecting strong demand for its remote connectivity and workplace digitisation offerings.

“The Mumbai office is to house all functions for the Indian market and an Asia-Pacific regional solution delivery engineering team focused on developing innovative solutions for enterprise customers,” the company said.

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( Photo by Christian Erfurt on Unsplash )

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