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Major iSpring Learn system update is about boosting trainer productivity

Learning management system (LMS) provider iSpring has unleashed an update of iSpring Learn with multiple time-saving features for training managers.

According to Nadya Spellman, writing on the iSpring blog, the updated feature set of iSpring Learn will enable SMBs to boost training effectiveness by involving supervisors in training management, increasing employee engagement, and providing smarter event management.

“Delegate training management to supervisors, help employees find an appropriate colleague for a project, engage them in corporate life, and more,” she said.

Among the features of the updated cloud-based iSpring Learn LMS are a supervisor dashboard, a functional supervisor, an interactive organisational chart, a corporate newsfeed with reactions, and an enhanced iSpring Learn calendar, she added.

The LMS, typically bundled with e-learning course creation and authoring tool iSpring Suite, aims to ease the development and delivery of training content, including report collecting and result evaluation.

“A supervisor dashboard is a silver bullet for supervisors and department managers that enables them to track and control the training of their team. They can now see the precise progress of a particular subordinate, a group, and the entire team,” added Spellman.

With the dashboard, supervisors can check homework, deliver feedback and otherwise communicate with trainees, both on the desktop or via the mobile app.

The ability to include shift supervisors, trainers, and other specialists in the workflows should speed up the monitoring and management of training progress, she suggested, with transparency of candidate progress delivered via employee ‘cards’ that include details like job title, photo and contact info, she said.

“This module synchronises with an HR management system automatically, so it always has actual information and doesn’t require any extra settings,” Spellman said.

At the time of writing, iSpring Solutions boasts customers from freelance instructional designers and teachers to Fortune 500 companies, government agencies, and educational institutions around the world — including Microsoft, SAP, Boeing, Harvard University, Imperial College London, and Stanford University.

( Photo by Alexander Grey on Unsplash )

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