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Tributech-Welotec partnership builds secure data exchange offering

A tie-up between IoT data management platform vendor Tributech and edge gateway maker Welotec aims for improved cybersecurity when exchanging data across networks.

Patrick Lamplmair, CTO at Tributech, writes in the company’s blog that the secure end-to-end solution from the partners “meets the highest requirements for data security”.

“The Welotec Edge Gateways include a highly secure operating system, TPM module and an integrated firewall, adding another security component to the solution,” Lamplmair said.

He said the partnership focus is on offering security with a corresponding trust layer and the implementation of technologies such as blockchain. “Sustainable” solutions could also be developed for different target groups.

“The goal is the joint implementation of use cases in critical infrastructures to realize individual customer projects,” Lamplmair added.

“The partnership between Tributech and Welotec is based on the approach of creating a complete solution for the reliable and secure exchange of data.”

Welotec has been developing industrial offerings with a view to edge infrastructures and network applications for decades — such as computing and communications for better systems management and security.

“Continuous interaction between IT and OT, as a driver for optimal operational and business results, is pursued,” Lamplmair said.

“The growing number of IoT devices and data-driven decision-making is increasingly enticing attackers to not only steal or encrypt data but also actively tamper with it.”

Lamplmair said that ABI Research had estimated that around one in four cyberattacks could target IoT devices in the next couple of years, suggesting that companies should stay aware of the potential for deliberate misinformation and targeting of IoT data.

“Encryption is not enough! The growing extent to which businesses, infrastructures, data platforms, companies, etc. are interconnected means that data ‘moves’ across system boundaries during its lifecycle and is used for different use cases,” he added.

Encrypting data end-to-end helps ensure that data is unaltered when in transit or at rest. However, it has limited capabilities when data is transferred across different systems or there is a time delay when the data is transferred from the source to the consumer, Lamplmair explained.

“The increasing challenges of data poisoning, hijacking or broken data require a solution capable of providing trustworthy data to applications or processes,” he said.

Read the whole blog on the Tributech website.

( Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash )

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