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Tackling devops and culture together drives performance, security

An annual Google Cloud DevOps Research and Assessment (DORA) report has underlined the need for organisational cultures and technical requirements to work together for productive software development.

Claire Peters, DORA research lead at Google Cloud, said teams with high trust and low-blame cultures focused on performance were likelier to successfully adopt effective security practices.

“It’s more obvious than ever that organisational culture and modern development processes are the best place to start for organisations looking to improve their security posture,” Peters said.

“This year’s Accelerate State of DevOps report dug deep on security, and found that the biggest predictor of an organisation’s application-development security practices was cultural, not technical.”

The capabilities and relationships were analysed across about 33,000 survey responses.

According to Steve Fenton, writing for report sponsor Octopus Deploy, DORA metrics from the report have become practical tools for devops teams.

Octopus Deploy 2022.3+ includes devops insights for better visibility into your company’s devops performance, by surfacing data based on the first four DORA metrics,” he added.

“Devops insights reporting helps you qualify the results of your devops performance and see where you can improve.”

Octopus Deploy, maker of devops automation tools for .NET developers, sees security as key in many ways to successful software development.

Whether moving from a current deployment process or working with full automation, ensuring authorised use, compliance and satisfying audit requirements is important, he emphasised.

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