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ShareGate schedules October webinar on Microsoft 365 migrations

IT teams that are “constantly in reactive mode” can benefit from knowing how to get the most out of Microsoft 365, according to ShareGate, which is inviting customers and partners to a 4 October webinar on the topic.

In the online event, scheduled for 4 October at 10am EST, executives will explain how to use ShareGate to manage self-service, automate repetitive tasks without using scripts or Power Automate, and build a related software management approach, the vendor said in its announcement.

“Whether it’s security risks , end user issues or change management, it probably feels like you’re always fighting fires as they crop up,” it said.

“Not only can this leave you feeling like you’re losing control, it also means that you’re not spending time on value-add projects that would improve productivity and adoption of Microsoft 365.”

ShareGate’s head of product Ben Niaulin and community manager Laurent St-Pierre will take one hour to showcase new ShareGate features in particular, and will also answer attendee questions about managing the Microsoft 365 cloud productivity suite.

The webinar will highlight Custom Teams provisioning templates, a ShareGate Teams app for end users, cloud copying of Teams and channels, SharePoint communications site management, report updates, and walk through a few use cases, the vendor said.

“Organisations can use these features, along with our tried and true Teams and SharePoint management features, to help you get instant visibility over your environment,” it said.

ShareGate’s latest product update was in July.

According to ShareGate writer Anthea Cho, application owners can now separately assign purpose and sensitivity tags in the Teams management module, as opposed to owners being automatically “poked” for both policies.

“This means if you only want ShareGate’s chatbot to poke users to assign a purpose tag to their team or group and not a sensitivity tag, simply automate the purpose tag policy from the Policies tab in the Teams management module,” she wrote.

“This gives you visibility into why users are creating new resources—is it mostly for external projects or social events?”

If you understand how sensitive the information shared with those teams and groups is, you can set the security settings earlier to prevent access to specified teams or groups, Cho explained.

“You can manually apply either or both tags to each team and group, but realistically speaking, most IT admins don’t know which tags to apply,” she said. “So best leave it to those who know: the owners.”

Cho also highlighted expansion of cloud copy, provisioning, reporting, and migration capabilities.

( Image Copyright Microsoft © 2022 )

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