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Macrium launches latest Site Manager for Reflect instances

Macrium, maker of Macrium Reflect backup software for businesses and consumers, has updated its Site Manager offering to ease disaster recovery across multiple instances of Reflect.

Macrium Site Manager 8 represents a new management platform for improved security and “rapid recovery at scale”, according to the vendor.

“In Site Manager 8 you can remote sync to cloud storage platforms, such as S3, centrally schedule intra-daily backups, (and) restore all machines with a single USB stick with universal rescue media,” it said.

The application, installed as a Windows service on a server and accessible via browsers including Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge, allows users to manage Macrium Reflect backup across multiple workstations and servers, from a central console, including backup, store and monitoring of the networked computers.

A Macrium Agent is installed on each remote computer which then communicates via TCP/IP to a single installed instance of the Macrium Site Manager Server. 

“This service also exposes an HTTP/HTTPS server service on a configurable port which enables web browser sessions to manage the Macrium Agent installed computers,” according to Macrium.

“The Site Manager Server service can be installed on any single networked PC or server. Both domain and workgroup networks are supported.”

New features in Site Manager 8 include an upgrade to the Macrium Reflect 8 backup engine, new computer management tools, a redesign of the Computers page, groups and tagging features, intra-daily backups and scheduling, streamlined logs and enhancements to the restore and recovery toolset, the vendor said.

Site Manager 8 also provides a downloadable command-line utility for creating USB sticks from ISO images to use as ‘rescue’ media. Once downloaded, the utility can be harnessed to discover available USB drives and create rescue media.

Multiple bug fixes have also been included, with the full list on Macrium’s website.

“More detail has been added to individual computer rows when expanded, to make it easier to identify computers, configuration and backup problems,” the vendor said.

“Computers can now be tagged and sorted into groups, giving the ability to break the computers page down into groups and dynamically filter it. Tags are also created automatically for some data.”

Agents now automatically send information on their Active Directory description and membership in any groups to the Site Manager server, Macrium added.

Macrium Reflect disk imaging for endpoints aims to protect documents, data and operating systems, incorporating Macrium viBoot for iHyper-V virtualisation and the Macrium Image Guardian anti-ransomware tool.

( Photo by Yeshi Kangrang on Unsplash )

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