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DocuSign eSignatures speed up public sector services in Nevada

Processes around receiving government services can often prove frustrating for citizens of many towns and localities, which is partly why the City of Henderson in Nevada, USA, turned to DocuSign.

Addah Moritz-Smith, business process analyst at the Office of Performance and Innovation at the City of Henderson, said that the local government body wanted to help employees work more efficiently, including on boosting public safety and creating ways to engage its 300,000 citizens.

“DocuSign eSignature is helping us track processes, improve customer service and get everything in one place so we can respond very quickly,” Moritz-Smith says.

The City of Henderson has simplified and streamlined the delivery of its local government services by adopting DocuSign’s eSignature technology.

At the same time, eSignature is helping the city process 52,000 documents a year as well as transforming court workflows and speeding up its purchasing cycle to two hours. Paper-based processes were slow.

Without automated policies in place, contract reviews and figuring out who needed to sign what had become a guessing game, according to Moritz-Smith.

“A big challenge we were dealing with was contract inconsistencies,” she says. “One of the first things we did was look at how long things were taking us and realised there’s got to be a better way.”

With eSignature, law enforcement can get legally-binding warrants in minutes, with documents signed by judges and attorneys on their mobile phones when needed.

Moritz-Smith says the City of Henderson is also using eSignature ’s workflow engine to make sure the right documents go to the right court and the right people, depending on the type of offence.

In the Henderson Municipal Court, clerks are using eSignature stamp functionality to digitally embed their official “filed” seal on Pro Per Motion requests.

“Before, they had to print them out, stamp them and manually route them,” says Moritz-Smith.

Read the full case study on the DocuSign website.

( Photo by Arlington Research on Unsplash )

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