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BrowserStack introduces cross-browser visual testing for mobile

Cross-browser and device testing application developer BrowserStack has announced further fruits of its Percy acquisition — the ability to perform mobile-device based visual testing across browsers.

According to BrowserStack, the ability to do visual testing is beneficial to all developers, helping them move towards code changes more easily when necessary, with less risk because they can see the changes made.

“Percy is the first and only visual testing platform to support cross-browser testing on actual, real, physical mobile devices,” the vendor said in the official announcement.

“We are starting with iOS on Safari and Chrome on Android, with more combinations coming soon.”

Current BrowserStack users should look at upgrading their plans to Percy Desktop & Mobile as a result, adjusting their browser management or project settings accordingly, or they can book a demo to see how it works, it said.

“One of the biggest drivers of Percy’s acquisition was to pair a great product with BrowserStack’s infrastructure and become the best platform for visual testing,” the vendor said.

“In two years, we have gone from supporting just two browsers to supporting all major desktop browsers and now mobile browsers as well.”

BrowserStack announced it had acquired seven-year-old visual testing developer Percy in mid-2020.

Ritesh Arora, co-founder and CEO of BrowserStack, said at the time that the Percy team had done a great job building a platform with Document Object Model (DOM) snapshotting and advanced parallelisation capabilities.

“With this acquisition, developers and QA teams can run everything from visual tests to manual and automated functional tests on BrowserStack’s infrastructure and ship high-quality software at speed,” Arora said.

Percy helps teams automate visual testing by capturing screenshots that can be compared them against a baseline, “pixel by pixel”, highlighting visual changes — improving the ability to deliver a consistent user interface (UI).

Percy has been used by the likes of Basecamp, Canva and Shopify, Arora said.

( Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay )

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