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Video often preferred for knowledge and skill transfer, poll suggests

Demand for video-based media has been on the rise during pandemic and will continue to be preferred by many organisations, according to TechSmith, a vendor of video creation software.

TechSmith cited responses from some 900 office workers across six countries that suggest video remains a “highly popular” medium for employees in the modern workplace.

“Ninety-one percent of respondents watch instructional or informational videos in a professional context at least once a month, and well over half (71%) do so at least once a week. A few respondents (7%) even consume these types of videos up to ten times a week,” according to TechSmith.

In the survey, acquiring new skills or knowledge for professional purposes was the most frequently cited (25%) reason for seeking instructional or informational videos, followed by gaining knowledge on a specific topic (23%).

Workplaces typically need to convey information concisely and efficiently, which can suit short, engaging video formats. More than half of respondents said informal training videos or “professionally produced” training videos were most commonly sought out.

Respondents select their videos according to certain criteria, with 39% primarily guided by the description of the video and 25% citing a “meaningful title and the right length” as key features, the vendor said.

“To ensure that respondents do not abandon a video prematurely, the content must be easy to follow, up to date and understandable,” the vendor said, noting that 50% of respondents agreed with these requirements.

An impression of competence and motivation on the presenter’s part was also cited as important, alongside features such as audio or image quality and “professional” elements such as overlays or lower thirds.

“Back in 2018, TechSmith was able to demonstrate in a scientific study that 67% of participants process information better when it is conveyed visually,” said TechSmith.

The company believes that organisations are likely to expand video use across existing information channels in years to come, due to the trend for decentralised or hybrid working environments.

Read more from TechSmith.

( Image from Alexandra Koch on Pixabay )

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