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TeamViewer partners SoftBank Commerce & Service to connect drone network

SoftBank Commerce & Service (SB C&S) has hooked up its industrial drones with TeamViewer remote connectivity, enabling video footage to be monitored remotely over 4G or LTE and instructions issued to drone operators in real time.

Katsumi Moriya, head of cloud service promotions at SB C&S, said the ability to share video footage in real-time remotely is becoming important in multiple scenarios.

“We can now offer this effective utilisation of our drones together with TeamViewer,” Moriya said in the announcement.

Images from devices such as infrared cameras for temperature measurements or LiDARs can also be transmitted and streamed through the application, according to TeamViewer.

“Commercial use cases for this technology include for example joint infrastructure inspections, as well as joint aerial inspection of disaster sites or other locations that are difficult to access,” the vendor said.

Sojung Lee, president APAC at TeamViewer, said the spread of 5G would further expand the potential for remote connectivity, allowing for transmission of more data at speed.

“The real-time aerial imagery transmissions enable people located in different parts of the world to efficiently work together on exploring remote locations,” Lee said.

TeamViewer provides connectivity platforms, including TeamViewer Tensor for the enterprise, to remotely access, control, manage, monitor, and repair devices from laptops and mobile phones to industrial machines and robots.

(Image by 焰京 刘 from Pixabay )

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