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JetBrains rolls out fresh Datalore, Toolbox App enhancements

JetBrains has introduced a new Datalore release for the enterprise with workflow enhancements for better exploration of data and sharing of insights, following hard on the heels of a new version of Toolbox App for managing integrated development environments (IDEs).

According to Alena Guzharina, writing for the developer tools specialist, Datalore Enterprise 2022.1 takes the interactive reporting and Visualize data features introduced in November to another level.

“We’ve made improvements to these two workflows, and more,” she said. “With Datalore Enterprise 2022.1, you can use Reactive mode in your interactive reports to update the report contents as the users interact with it.”

Guzharina said that in Datalore, Python, R, Scala, and Kotlin, notebooks can be turned into web data apps, which colleagues can access via a link even without a Datalore account.

The interactive reports feature can be tried out in the hosted cloud versions or a trial of Datalore Enterprise for on-prem. Other new features include true/false checkboxes, multi-select dropdowns, an ability to input longer texts, and an ability to collapse cells to improve visibility.

New data exploration features also include a statistics tab and a background computation mode, as well as CSV file previews and editing.

“In this release, we’ve added the ability to set when the notebook computation will shut down after the kernel goes idle. If you are training your models on expensive-to-run machines, this feature will help you reduce computation costs,” Guzharina said.

Click here for the full list of improvements in Datalore Enterprise 2022.1.

JetBrains has also unveiled the latest version of its Toolbox App for installation, upgrade and removal of tools including leftover directories in hidden folders.

According to JetBrains’ Marina Kovaleva, Toolbox App 1.23 offers improvements in onboarding for new users, the user interface (UI), and bug fixes. These revisions follow a previous fixes and features announcement in November focusing on the disk cleanup features.

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