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NordVPN adds integrated threat protection to its VPN app

Virtual private network (VPN) software vendor NordVPN is launching a threat protection offering, expanding its usefulness in the cybersecurity space.

According to Elle Friberg, blogging for NordVPN, the vendor is aiming to help customers on Mac or PC block tracking applications and adware and actively steer them away from websites and files that may do them harm.

VPN is excellent at ensuring security in areas that depend on your connection – it encrypts your online data, conceals your IP address and location and keeps your online activity private from prying eyes. However, VPN also has limited protective capabilities,” Friberg noted.

The new offering, called — what else? — Threat Protection recognises the need to keep the internet useful and appealing despite the ever-evolving cyber threat landscape.

“This is why we’re stepping into territory that’s still unusual for VPN services. We want to offer more comprehensive protection, the kind that doesn’t solely rely on your VPN connection,” Friberg said.

“We want to make the internet safer, cleaner, and more private as you browse the web and make sure your device is guarded against malware.”

With Threat Protection, NordVPN has developed its CyberSec feature into a “more robust” security suite, incorporating anti-virus and anti-malware functionality that’s integrated with the NordVPN app.

For example, Threat Protection scans files as they’re downloaded from the internet and either marks them as safe or deletes them based on what it finds, she said.

This should help VPN users reduce digital profiling of their online activities, she suggested.

“We believe this unique combo is the new generation of cybersecurity,” Friberg said. “You can’t know what data is collected about you, whether it is stored securely, and with whom it’s shared. All this lack of clarity and control is a strong reason to take action against tracking.”

( Photo by Kyle Glenn on Unsplash )

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