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Retrofitting mid-market perimeter protection not enough: Censornet

Network security vendor Censornet says that mid-market organisations going cloud-first should be looking at cloud-first cybersecurity strategies too.

The company points out that perimeter security alone isn’t enough when companies have sensitive data flying around in myriad cloud applications, with some organisations working with 100s of different apps.

“For IT managers in mid-market organisations, that’s the kind of cybersecurity protection they require. Agile, everywhere – going where their assets go,” the company says in part one of a series of blog posts.

“Every email, web application and cloud application is a potential weak point. Walls (and VPNs) just don’t cut it anymore. The perimeter is dead.”

Yet according to Censornet, most cloud security solutions for the mid-market are retrofitted from traditional network-edge protection rather than following the user where they go in the digital world.

“Companies which continue to use outdated solutions to address complex cloud-based threats carry a much higher risk to their data, business, and reputation,” says Censornet.

Rather than treating each user or application as a single, static target to be protected, organisations should integrate attack data from across their IT landscape, pre-empting cross-channel attacks and responding to unexpected threat behaviours.

Email threats are often designed to entice users to click on a link that takes them to a fake login page, or a file containing malicious content but stored in a legitimate cloud application, the company points out.

Organisations should have email security integrated with web and cloud application security with a view to achieving end-to-end attack visibility, Censornet says, revealing some of the thinking behind its own cloud-focused network cybersecurity products.

( Photo by Raúl Nájera on Unsplash )

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