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Financial services sector leads field in software testing: Tricentis

Banks, insurers, payments providers and other financial firms are ahead when it comes to adopting software test automation and accelerated processes, according to a report from platform provider Tricentis.

Jori Ramakers, director of customer experience strategy at Tricentis, noted in the official release that software is now being tested faster, with developments evolving in days or even minutes.

“Even an easily overlooked glitch could result in regulatory compliance investigations and penalties,” Ramakers explained. “There‚Äôs absolutely no room for error.”

However, Tricentis’ longitudinal study also suggests a high level of maturity in software testing in large financial services organisations, especially around testing automation and integration.

Findings included that software testing processes in the financial sector are 29% more mature than in similar types of companies in other industries, with financial firms more than twice as likely to have automated the testing across their continuous integration and delivery (CI/CD) pipelines.

The overal test-data strategy at insurance organisations reviewed in the study is 63% more mature than those outside of the financial space, according to Tricentis.

Tricentis collected data from 110 Fortune 500-equivalent financial services sector organisations from Europe, the Americas and the Asia-Pacific.

Tricentis provides an automated continuous testing platform to around 1,800 companies including McKesson, Accenture, Nationwide Insurance, Allianz and Telstra.

In addition to financial services, it targets customers in government, healthcare, energy/utilities and other sectors. Tricentis believes that many companies are impeded from full cross-team collaboration by using a variety of tools for developing and testing their applications.

( Photo by Austin Distel on Unsplash )

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