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Animated work videos made easy with Vyond enhancements

Creative software publisher Vyond has improved the ability of corporate users to easily make objects move across or around the screen in an animation — for example in e-learning videos.

Greg Quinn, marketing writer for Vyond, said users were already able to create curved motion paths. However, the company has added customisation to help users make a movement curve angled, smooth or sharp or add multiple fixed points around which an asset — such as the added picture of a person — can move or even rotate.

“With this new feature, you’ll be able to choose motion paths from pre-existing templates, or create your own,” Quinn explained.

Users can also use the feature to create something new or more complex.

His blog post here includes examples. Click here for full instructions on how to create and import motion paths.

The announcement follows an August update with customisation for facial features, skin tones, and volume control as well as new ‘daily life’ props — such as sanitation-related assets such as masked cleaners and images of insects and business lanyards — that can be added to animations.

“People come in all different colours and shapes, and we strive to better allow each individual to be able to represent themselves within Vyond Studio,” said Quinn.

A survey by Vyond in 2020 found that 51% of 1000 employees at larger enterprises preferred to do ‘self-led’ work-related learning online, versus instructor-led classes or one-on-one training.

“Now that so many of us are working from home, how this training is implemented matters more,” according to Vyond’s Stacy Adams.

For example, 42% of employees reported interest in receiving training on ‘managing up’, with only 28% of employees having received training on the topic.

“Videos are a valuable resource in conducting remote training and can be easily incorporated into your existing learning content. Creating your own videos with a tool like Vyond ensures they are branded for and tailored to your organisation,” Adams wrote.

( Image copyright Vyond – all rights reserved)

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