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LogMeIn unveils sustainability plan targeting net zero by 2030

Remote-working software vendor LogMeIn has launched a programme that it hopes will reduce its effect on the environment and boost sustainability worldwide.

Bill Wagner, president and CEO at LogMeIn, said the firm is rethinking where and how it uses office and home office space, and making those spaces as environmentally friendly as possible. The overall package includes a target of net zero carbon emissions by 2030.

“What we quickly realised was that the acceleration in the remote work trend could have a very real and lasting positive impact on our environment and we are proud to be able to play a small role in enabling that shift,” Wagner said.

LogMeIn had begun examining its sustainability practices and goals before the pandemic had clarified the role of remote working and distributed teams longer term. Covid-19 has had a “massive impact” on how and where people work, Wagner said.

“We will also apply those same goals and best practices to our employees’ homes, where the majority of our workforce will be based,” he said. “Our announcement is the first step in bringing that vision of creating more sustainable places and practices for our people to fruition.”

LogMeIn may be better suited to the strategy than many, with its suite of products from LastPass, GoToConnect and GoToAssist to Rescue Live Lens, Central by LogMeIn and many more that assist distributed and virtual teams to maintain and increase productivity.

According to LogMeIn, the perception of what is possible when it comes to working from home has changed as well as increasing the number of virtual meetings, redefining face-to-face interactions, and reducing travel. Most employees will now only commute to an office a few times each month.

As part of the new programme, LogMeIn will look at participating in new renewable energy efforts and beginning to procure renewable energy certificates that will help it progress towards net zero by 2030. It will also continue purchasing carbon offsets.

“Starting in 2021, we will match 100% of our entire global electricity usage–including the estimated electricity usage of all employees working from home–with third party certified renewable energy certificates,” the company said.

“We will prioritise running operations through datacentres with high energy efficiency standards, high ratings from Greenpeace, with a goal of using 100% clean and renewable energy for our global products.”

The company has also committed to planting five trees for every employee that pledges to reduce their own emissions at home, it said. LogMeIn has promised to complete an environmental, social, and governance (ESG) materiality assessment by the first half of 2021. It also expects to expand its in-house sustainability training and educate teams of employees on best practices based on evolving information.

LogMeIn has teamed up with US-based Sustainability Roundtable, an initiative that helps companies develop sustainability.

Jim Boyle, CEO and founder of Sustainability Roundtable, said LogMeIn is well positioned to help catalyse an overall transition to net zero.

“LogMeIn has developed an impressive and practical programme to reduce its greenhouse gas pollution and help its employees and customers do the same around the world,” Boyle said.

Read the full LogMeIn announcement.

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