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Atlassian Team Tour 2020 set to explore change in the digital workplace

Atlassian has opened registrations for its online Team Tour 2020 event on 9-10 November, showcasing multiple sessions and speakers on its portfolio of teaming and collaboration software, from Jira to Trello, Confluence and beyond.

Scheduled lineup includes Anu Bharadwaj, head of product at Atlassian Cloud, along with many others. Atlassian has announced diverse developments this year across its cloud offerings.

“Behind the curtain, we’ve been hard at work making our products more secure, more consistent, more intuitive, better integrated, better able to help teams do it all with whatever they’ve got,” she writes in a blog post on unleashing team potential in the cloud.

“Premium, Enterprise, and Free plans open the door or teams of every size and stage of life to try and standardise on our solutions.”

Atlassian has made a “slew of UI improvements”, added freebies like extended cloud migration trials that match the length of remaining server maintenance (up to 12 months), migration assistants, a cloud value calculator, app assessments, and free cloud plans targeting small teams and startups, she adds.

“Our cloud migration assistants for Jira and Confluence are free apps that help Server and Data Center customers build a migration plan, evaluate their apps, and flag errors before they happen when migrating to cloud,” Bharadwaj says.

“We’ve launched more than 440 new apps in the cloud in the last year, including versions of some of the most popular Marketplace server apps, like Create on Transition for Jira, Elements Connect, and Jira Workflow Toolbox.”

ITSM early access is the new IT service management template for Jira Service Desk, including clear ticket categories for incident management, change management, service requests, and problems, so teams can route and triage issues quickly and efficiently.

Teams can also now keep a better eye over any deployments made through Bitbucket Pipelines or other third-party CI/CD tools, with a change risk assessment engine and a services registry, Bharadwaj explains.

HR and facilities teams can now use Jira Service Desk to more easily manage tasks like employee onboarding and fielding maintenance requests. Legal teams can shift from manually chasing down signatures to working collaboratively with an automated digital workflow.

Opsgenie and Bitbucket customers can now measure deployment and incident response metrics from a single dashboard in Opsgenie, giving dev and ops teams insight into their combined team’s performance.

Atlassian also acquired Halp, which turns Slack into an internal help desk solution for teams that field questions via workplace messaging

Bharadwaj adds that the company has also added encryption at rest and in transit for the cloud.

“Encryption bolsters our cloud platform’s ability to keep customer data safe, private, and secure by turning personal information into ‘for your eyes only’ messages intended only for the parties that need them – and no one else,” she says.

“We’ve made vast improvements to our cloud offering for enterprise customers, including Atlassian Access, our admin command center for Atlassian cloud products.”

Molly Hellerman, Atlassian‘s head of strategy and programmes, will also speak at Team Tour 2020. Team Tour will explore trends around remote work, ITSM, enterprise agility, and how to stay resilient in changing times, as well as look at how Atlassian is developing its cloud portfolio.

Hellerman recently blogged about her five top tips for teambuilding, including developing a strong morale that will contribute to higher productivity and better overall performance. In order to keep morale high, positive team interactions need to outweigh the negative ones.

“This is supported by a study by psychologist Dr. John Gottman. He was able to predict with 94% accuracy whether newly-wed couples would stay together or get divorced after observing them for a 15-minute period,” Hellerman writes in a column for Atlassian.

“How could he tell? He would count the number of positive and negative interactions they had with each other. He used this information to define what’s called the ‘magic ratio’. This states that for every one negative interaction or criticism, there should be five positive comments or interactions.”

Read the full article for all Hellerman’s tips.

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