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JetBrains adds to Toolbox and Hub 2020.1, rolls out learning tools

The JetBrains Toolbox browser extension now works on self-hosted GitHub, GitLab, and Bitbucket instances, the company reports.

Marina Kovaleva, JetBrains’ product marketing manager for the Toolbox app, said: “We’ve updated the JetBrains Toolbox browser extension for Chrome and Firefox.

“It can now clone and open files from private instances in JetBrains IDEs, whether you use corporate repositories at GitHub Enterprise or self-hosted GitLab or Bitbucket instances.”

Users would need to enable the extension on their custom domains to start using it with private instances. This will offer the functionality that was previously available for open-source repository hosting services, Kovaleva wrote.

Users will be able to clone projects from the main GitHub, GitLab, and Bitbucket repositories, and open them in available JetBrains IDEs, or navigate from a highlighted line of code in a previously cloned GitHub project to that line in their IDE.

Educational products

In other news, JetBrains also announced a set of educational products for students and teachers of programming.

People learning Java, Kotlin, or Python can use JetBrains Academy for free – it combines an an interactive, project-based learning platform with professional development tools.

Beginners or improvers can choose from more than 60 projects and get a curriculum that includes all the concepts necessary to build them.

Hub 2020.1 functionality

March 2020 saw JetBrains add Organizations and Swagger support to Hub 2020.1. Organizations suggests translations from the user interface.

The Hub user interface is localised in English, French, German, Japanese, Russian, and Spanish. There is also an option to switch to one of the languages supported by the Hub user community: Chinese (Simplified), Czech, Hebrew, Hungarian, Italian, Korean, Polish, or Portuguese.

“Hub 2020 features a built-in Swagger Open API 3.0 definition file. It offers an easy way to explore and consume the Hub REST API to integrate your application with Hub,” according to JetBrains.

Organizations allows users to add a layer of structure to project management efforts by grouping related projects under an umbrella “organisation”. This can follow actual team structure, or parts of the company’s business process, or a custom way of grouping.

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