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Spicing up the build with Whole Tomato release

Those that haven’t had a moment to catch up with the build release notes from Whole Tomato will be pleased to know that you can now fill in more of the gaps in Visual Studio when working in C/C++ and C#.

As Whole Tomato explains in its guidance, many will have features they wish were standard in the IDE.

With that in mind, its new release, Visual Assist build 2358, could be an effective extension. They’re advertising it as a product that won’t get in the way of fast coders, or people who cringe at the thought of having another parser running. The plug-in won’t consume resources just to tell a coder that he or she has violated a formatting standard, Whole Tomato promises.

Kyle Wheeler, blogging for Whole Tomato, says: “This release was driven largely to fix an issue with our licensing server and some corruption that may have been experienced by Unity users, but why stop there?”

Whole Tomato has gone on to add: C++ modernization refactoring, including Convert Unscoped Enum to Scoped Enum (execute on the enum definition); and Goto Related now allows hopping between *_Implementation and *_Validate implementations in UE4 (Unreal Engine 4).

There’s an added option (on the Goto page of Visual Assist Options dialog) to prefer implementations when executing Goto (Alt+G) (execution on the implementation will continue to go to the declaration as before).

And there’s a fix: Goto from a method declaration will now list *_Validate as a target in UE4.

Many more details and tips for those who’d like them here.

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