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How to troubleshoot hybrid IT with ManageEngine

ManageEngine is holding a webinar 31 March to help organisations learn how to proactively manage a hybrid IT infrastructure and troubleshoot critical performance issues.

The IT Operations Management (ITOM) webinar will be hosted from Australia on 31 March at 11:30 (AEDT). You can register here.

As ManageEngine explains, hybrid IT infrastructures have become a “new normal”, even though they can be rife with complexity.

“Monitoring can no longer be just an afterthought. Deploying a proactive hybrid IT management strategy will lead to an efficient troubleshooting and optimising approach thereby streamlining the cost, performance, and security of your infrastructure,” the software experts explain.

The webinar will discuss the continual evolution of hybrid IT and its benefits; the fundamentals of framing the right hybrid IT monitoring strategy and striking a balance between on-premise and cloud IT management; identifying security loopholes and formulating stricter policies; and reducing management overheads through automation.

According to ManageEngine, Australia is the third fastest growing region in the global hybrid integration platform market with a growth rate of 16%.

Gartner predicts that Australia-based organisations could spend close to $11 billion in 2022 on public cloud services, with 76% of the organisations in Australia in public cloud in the next five years, the vendor notes.

ManageEngine believes that the best way to manage IT as one entity is to have an integrated set of tools, with integration between the monitoring and management data across all layers of IT. Its ITOM solutions include OpManager, Applications Manager, Netflow Analyzer, Network Configuration Manager, Firewall Analyzer, and OpUtils.

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