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ASAP Utilities 7.7 for Excel boosts speed and handling, adds bug fixes

Developer Bastien Mensink as A Must in Every Office has launched a new version of ASAP Utilties, with a range of speed improvements to help users save even more time and hassle while working in Excel.

“The past year we have worked, in cooperation with many of our clients, on this new version of ASAP Utilities,” the Netherlands-based company said.

Version 7.7 includes several improvements and bug fixes, including helping with cell resets and fast calculations for filtered tables.

For the 32 and 64 bit versions of Excel 2010 and later, ASAP Utilities 7.7 boosts functionality around manipulating larger ranges of data (e.g 2500 to 250,000 cells). There will be a “huge” speed improvement when handling duplicates, the company said.

ASAP Utilities boasts fewer limitations than Excel: “Excel can’t see if it is a duplicate value if the cell’s content has more than 255 characters. Excel looks only at the first 15 digits in numbers to see if it is a duplicate,” the company explained.

Upgrades to 7.7 are free for those who purchased v.5.x or 7.x, using the same license details. Those with purchased licenses for v.4.x or earlier are invited to contact ASAP Utilities for a 50% discount.

Download ASAP Utilities 7.7 here.

Starting from version 7, ASAP Utilities works with both the 32-bit and 64-bit editions of Excel from 2000-2019/365 and is available in 10 languages.

“Starting from version 7.5 many tools run up to 3 times faster compared to older versions,” the company added.

A list of handy tips and tricks is available on the ASAP Utilities website.

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